For Marriage

As One Ministry is a ministry and support for couples and couples who are considering marriage who desire a successful marriage. It is for married couples who desire to grow stronger together. Marriage is not easy nor is it very successful in our culture today. Over 80% of couples will end in divorce according to the statics. Over 80% of christian couples will end in divorce according to the statics. We as the church are missing something. Another static that is very impressive is couples who pray together and have a spiritual walk and life together is 1 out of 1100 couples will end in divorce. Huge difference!

We meet at least once a month as a group and encourage couples to create friendships to help support one another.

Someone said, “Marriages are made in Heaven”, I say so are thunder and lighting, both of which are powerful forces. Marriage is a powerful force that God created to build and nurture the family with.

Everything we buy today comes with instruction, how to put it together and operate to its fullest capacity. Marriage today does not have the instructions. Gods Word when applied does. Learning to laugh at each other, conflict resolution, roles, caring and comfort, being right at what cost, money and sex, forgiveness, etc are just a few of the areas we work through in this ministry.

Marriage is work but when done right, it is a powerful blessing and the journey is amazing together. The benefits and results are wonderful together.

Joseph & Yvonne Lephiew

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Joe & Pearl

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